Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no words...

He's Home!

I called Danny's cell phone yesterday. "The number you have reached is temorarily disconnected and is not in service at this time." When I get that message I know that my younger half brother is still deployed. As a Navy Seal he is deployed a lot. Always to the worst places. He's bad communicator so I rely on his phone to tell me his deployment status. He alwayd says not to worry about him cause he'll be back.I was praying for him more the last few days and hoping he'd be home soon. At 11:57 this morning I was praying for him. My phone rang at about 5:45 PM. The display read "Danny" and I knew he was home.
When Jesus ascended to heaven he told us that he would come back. He said not to worry. He is a far better communicator than Danny but still ..sometimes we just would like to hear from him. So we pray and we watch and we wait. One day it will be even more clear on than the dispaly on my phone. The trumpet will sound and the Lord will return the display in the heaves will reaveal "He's back!"
"Thank you Abba for once again keeping your hand of protection on Danny. Thank you for bringing him home."

Monday, January 26, 2009

January 27,1974

Thirty five years ago tonight Steve and I went to our "pre marraige counseling". What this consisted of was about thirty minutes of John Flemouth, Steve's mom's pastor giving us advice on marraige. I had just turned 18. Steve was 20 and as a male still had to have his mother sign the liscense for him because he was not 21. The advice that we can remember was this "don't buy your wife an appliance for her birthday or anniversary." I have fought against that advice for 35 years. Appliances are cool. I'll take them. But this year we got something we both wanted. A good kitchen trash can. It's metal not plactic and is quite sturdy. Honestly, I like it.
So, John Felmouth had a heart attack that night and was not able to preform the wedding. Some guy we never met showed up and we did double vows. The one's we wrote and the one's he brought. I hated my hair and the stupid headpiece but at the end of the day we were married. Of course Steve had quite a lot to drink (BC) and spent a good deal of time in the parking lot of the motel talking to some random people. I was inside not even able to get into the shower because I was sewed in to my dress and needed steve to cut me out of it. We got married on a Sat. drove to my new home in NJ on Sunday and it was back to work for Steve on Monday. We didn't take a honey moon for ten years. When we did Melody threw up on my feet as she was kissing me good bye. It rained the whole seven hrs. of our trip to the windjammer. We were on a motorcycle. The main sail ripped on the ship. Melody went to the emergency room. Max dropped Steve's tractor off his work trailer and we had a great time!
So now as we celebrate 35 years marked with hard times and good times the good times win. We have three beautiful daughters who gave their hearts to Jesus. We have three pretty amazing sons in law who also love Jesus. And let me tell you about my 7 (no 8) incredible grandchildren......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Delightful God

Katie, my seven year old grandaughter was excited about traveling to PA to spend some time with Aunt Melody, Uncle Chris and cousin Evie. While we were talking about it she said she really hoped it would snow while she was there. I said to her "Why don't pray about it right now?" So we prayed.
They arrived I think it was about midnight in PA. I got a call the next morning at 7AM. "Nanny it's snowing!! It's snowing hard and it's on the ground too!" I love to give good things to my children.(grandchildren) How much more does our God love to delight those who are His children.
Last night I was finalizing my support letter to send out for my upcoming mission trip to Haiti. I prayed and asked God for favor. There was one person on my list that I did not have a mailing address for. So, as tacky as it was I sent him an email. The response came quickly.He will be sending a large check on Feb. 2nd. In fact the check is large enough my fees in Haiti but for my daughter Grethen and Gwenn's fees as well! Blessings, pressed down an running over. Our God delights in delighting us!
We still have fund raising to do (airfair and materials for project) but I am so certain now that God has it under control.
As it was with Katie it is with me. Answered pray builds faith!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Way Ticket

Tonight I entered a new world of travel searching. I was really impressed with the prices I was finding for our upcoming short term mission trip to Haiti. So I was seaching different dates and airports. I wanted to see what kind of deals we could get. $600 round trip including taxes is a really good price. Then I decided to do a seach on what it would cost Gwenn and Nick to fly with the kids in April. I was punching in the info and then I saw it....a lump came up in my throat as I entered the option. One Way.
It is starting to become a reality to me. My daughter and my son-in-law and three of my grandbabies will board a plane in Raleigh, NC and touch down in Haiti where they will be home. I know this is good. I know this is right. I know this is hard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have a question. Where did the rest of the blogs that I follow go?

Monday, January 19, 2009

What’s in your hand?

Exodus 4:1-20 Moses
1 Samuel 17:38-40 David
John 6:1-15 A Young Boy
God does not require of us what He has not already provided. Some people are called to go to the mission field. Some are called to send them there. You may think in this current economy “I have nothing to give.” God’s economy is not our economy.
A simple staff in Moses’ hand used in obedience to God parted the sea and saved a nation. Five small stones in the hands of a young man when used in obedience took down the giant and the enemy of the Lord our God. A few small fish and loaves of bread when surrendered in obedience to God feed the multitudes. God has placed something in your hand to be surrendered for His use, given in obedience miracles will follow. What is in your hand?
Members of the Liberty Church Community will be part of a team going to Jacmel Haiti in April 2009 on a short term mission trip. This trip will consist of labor to prepare a home for the Mangine family who will become full time missionaries later that month.
When complete Haitian Children’s Home will become home to 160 orphaned or abandoned children. There will be eight homes with 20 children each on a twenty acre plot of land. There will be three schools, a church, a community building, a clinic and a soccer field.
Each member of the mission team must raise $1500.
This is our vision for fund raising. It is three fold.
What is in your hand? What is in your wallet? What is in your heart?
What is in your hand?
This may be a talent or ability, a hobby or trade.
Example: your may be a handi-man. You enjoy tinkering. OR maybe you take nice photos, OR maybe you are a plumber, a carpenter or a good cook, babysitter or housecleaner. God has created us all with gifts and talents.
If you are willing to use what is in your hand, we will match you with someone who is in need of what you possess. That person may not be able to hire someone with your gifts in the world’s economy. By making a donation to the Haitian Children’s Home mission team in exchange for your time they will both give and receive a blessing. As we serve one another the Body is strengthened; relationships are built and community is formed.
You can call Denise Goodale at 252-305-4031 or 252-473-1950 or email at to add your name and what talent and time you are willing to donate for this cause.

What’s in your wallet?
We have all heard this ad by Capital One Credit Card Company. After researching the Capital One web site it was discovered that 20,000 reward miles can be redeemed for a $100.00 gift card on American Airlines. One person can use as many as 8 gift cards toward their flight. It cost between $700-$800 to fly to Haiti from Raleigh or Norfolk. Many people have similar plans with their credit card companies. Business owners especially have often unused reward miles sitting in their accounts. Why not consider gifting these reward miles to this trip.
And finally
What’s in your heart?
If the Lord impresses on you that you have the means to give support by writing a check then we pray you will give what is in your heart to give.
Donations are tax deductable and can be written out to the Haitian Children’s Home/Outer Banks team and given to Denise Goodale or mailed to PO Box 474, Manteo , NC 27954

Some of the things being offered for a donation so far are:
certficates for:
wedding vocalist
4 voice lessons
sign language classes
teaching your baby to sign classes
4 hours landscapeing
2 hour shooting lessons
wedding supplies including banquet tables and cloths

Think outside the box on this one! What is in Your hand?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Baby makes 7!

One might think that after having six other grandchildren that the excitement would wane when another baby comes along. Not so at all. Evangeline who we call Evie was born on July 8,2007. She is just six weeks younger than her cousin Josiah! It was a busy summer. Melody came to Creation and toughed it out waiting for her due date. Ok, she really didn't tough it SO much cause she and Chris being the big wigs that they (he) are at Creation had a mac daddy of an RV so the camping part was not that bad. We encouraged Melody to walk, walk and walk some more. We were ready to meet Evie. She however did not want to interfere with her Daddy's Creation schedule and held off a while. It seemed a long while. Evie was the first of my grandchildren that I got to be in the labor and delivery room. How awesome it is to see your baby giving birth to her baby.

My mother who was in upstate NY was dying. The day after Evie was born I was back on the road to be with my mom. Life and death meeting. The life cycle so closely touching. Joy and and sorrow mingled.

Considering the fact that Evie lives so far from me I am blessed that we have seen each other many times over the last 18 months. She knows me. In fact I get a little embarrassed when she won't go to other people. But mostly, it makes my heart happy.That is so awesome to me. She calls me several times a week and we sing and talk and say the ABC's. I was with her for her first steps and even caught them on video"Father I thank you so much for Evie. I pray that she will grow up to know you and as her name suggests she would be an evangelist. Teach her to honor you and her parents. As you prepare a path for her I pray that she will not go to the left or to the right but that she would stay on the road you have chosen. I pray that if you choose for her to marry that even now you would prepare for her the man who will honor God and her. Lord give her health and strength and a sound mind to follow you."

Friday, January 16, 2009

There's one in every family.

There is one in every family! And Josiah is his name in our family. Grandchild #6 made himself known right from the start.
Gwenn was two and a half weeks late with this little (huge) guy and she was pretty unhappy about his delay. I was not able to go to Raleigh until after his birth because I needed to save my vacation time so I could go with Nick to get Nico in Haiti. That was not how it happened.
Steve and I were downtown Manteo for first Friday. It was a beautiful June night and over dinner at Magnolia Grille we were excited knowing Gwenn was finally in labor and anxious for the phone call. She did call and share that she had just delivered a very large 9lb 7oz Josiah. We walked the docks and shared our happy news with friends. Then the second call came "Mommy, there is something very wrong with the baby. It might be his heart." I packed my bag and 4 hrs. later was at Rex in Raleigh. The room was filled with people. People who loved Gwenn and Nick and were there to support them. Awesome people from her church to whom I am forever indebted. I got catch a quick peek at Josiah as they wheeled him out of the hospital to transport him to Duke. I stayed with Gwenn that night until they released her the next morning. I remember Gretchen and Jenny showing up that night. Melody nearly nine months pregnant herself waited for word in PA. It was an awful week but God showed up. On day four Josiah (whose name means God heals) had open heart surgery on day 4.Before the operation we took turns staying overnight at the hospital. He stopped breathing once and my husband held me as I cried and the doctor and nurses worked on him. It was a few more weeks before Gwenn and Nick could take Josiah home. He was born June 1st and his brother arrived from Haiti on July 20th. Not much time for that little guy to be the center of attention.....but he found ways...
Josiah is a healthy strong adventurous toddler. He can handle himself in any crowd and let you know when he wants something. He is a singer/dancer/comedian. I remember crying out to God with everything in me for his healing on one of those many trips to Raleigh. My God is faithful to deliver. I know that not all babies are healed and that pains me. But I also know that God had his purpose in Josiah's heart condition and also had His purpose in His healing.
"Abba, it is with such deep gratitude that I thank you for sparing Josiah's life. No doubt some of the children in his PICU unit did not survive. I pray now for their families.I especially pray for the grandmother of Caleb. I pray that her grandson got the transplant he needed. I pray that she will know you as the healer.Grow Josiah up to be a man after your own heart. Fill him with your Spirit from a early age. Use his strong will to stand up for those who have no voice. Thank you for his healing and for allowing us as a family to know this trouble. Use what we have been shown to bring glory to your name."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I'm really thinking.

Today while I was working at the post office a woman came in to buy two money orders. One she wanted to pay with her debt card and the other with cash. She did not have her money ready and was taking a very long time to just figure out what she really wanted. I did manage to wait on one or two other customers while she figured out her transaction. I was glad when she finally pealed off the last of the dollars so I could be finished with her. My frustration with her was contained on the inside but had she not been standing there (for a long time) filling out her money orders I may have been tempted to comment to a coworker about the difficulty this woman seemed to be having with such a simple task. When I looked up again..there she was back in my line. "Did I fill this out right?" She hadn't so I voided the money order and started over.I very carefully instructed her on the proper way to fill out her paperwork. She went back to the counter to fill it out and then came back to me at the counter. "Thank you for not making me feel like an idiot." she said. "Ouch." I thought.
You see I said all the right words, I acted kind and patient made her feel like she was ok. But in my heart I was ugly. Even though she never knew it, I knew that I had sinned against her. I was a hypocrite in the truest sense of the word. Who am I to judge this woman because she was not capable of doing something that I see as simple. Why would I want to speak to a coworker about her? Why after being a Jesus follower for more than 30 years do I still find myself to be so unChristlike that I embarrass myself. I guess I still need a Saviour . I know I am still a sinner.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's in your hand? What's in your wallet? What's in your Heart?

A group of ten individuals from the Outer Banks will be traveling to Jacmel, Haiti in April. The team will working on the building site of the Haitian Children’s Home. Presently the HCH is home to more than twenty orphaned or abandoned children. When complete the site there will be eight homes with twenty children each. There are also plans for three schools, a church, a clinic, a community center and a water plant.
Gwenn Goodale Mangine, formerly of Manteo and who is the daughter of Stephen and Denise Goodale of Manteo and sister to Gretchen Bender of Manteo will be moving to Haiti in May. Gwenn along with her husband Nick will raise their three young children in Jacmel where they will be house parent in one of the HCH houses.
The Outer Banks mission team in seeking funding for their trip is asking the Outer Banks community to come up with creative ways of giving. “What’s in your Hand? What’s in your wallet? What’s in your heart? “ If you have any questions or would like to make a donation you can call Denise Goodale at 252-305-4031. Donations are tax deductable and can be made out to Haitian Children’s Home/Outer Banks team and sent @PO Box 474, Manteo, NC 27954.

Turn Around

Ok...this should be post #6 about Josiah. However I wrote that last night added pics, went to edit and LOST IT! So that blog will come soon. This is just a little ditty that I want to get written before it gets forgotten.
Today I was outside with 18 month old Evie. She was pushing a teddy bear in a toy stroller. I like to teach the kids how to play safely in the driveway so I always show them where the line is on the pavement that means "Stop, turn around here." It keeps them from getting too close to the road. So today I showed Evie on the one side of the circular drive where the "stop line" was and then we walked to the other side. I took a few steps in front of her and said "Evie, when you get to this line you stop and turn around." When she reached the line she was quick to obey. She stopped, let go of the stroller and started to spin around in a circle. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grandmother's Heartbeat#6, The God Who Heals, Josiah

It was June 1st, 2007. First Friday, downtown Manteo in full swing. Steve and I ate dinner at Magnolia Grill. We were waiting for the call knowing that Gwenn was in labor with her baby Josiah. He was very late and we knew he would be big. His coming late seemed so hard for many reasons. First poor Gwenn was so uncomfortable. AND Nick and I were planning to go to Haiti to finally pick up Nico. So the call finally came that a nine + lb boy had arrived. We had not planned to go to Raleigh until the weekend because I would already be missing work for the Haiti trip. It was the first grandchild to be born when I wasn't at the hospital. We walked on the docks after dinner running into friends and shared our happy news with them. A short time later the second call came "Mommy, there is something very wrong with the baby. It might be his heart."

My own heart wanted to burst. I should have been there. I hastily drove home packed a bag and headed out. I was able to glimpse only for a moment this beautiful baby as he was wheeled out to the waiting ambulance for him to be transferred to Duke. I spent the night in the Raleigh hospital with Gwenn while Nick went on to Duke.

We took turns staying with Josiah around the clock. He would have to have open heart surgery. On one overnight shift with him his stopped breathing. I was so helpless as the doctors and nurses rushed in and worked on him. I got to hold him while he slept with wires and tubes and bells and whistles. It was during this time that Gwenn started to blog about Josiah. I believe it was a reader who asked her if she knew what Josiah means. She did not.It means God heals. I cried out to God like never before. He heard my cry. He heard our cry. Our family, our churches and the many many people who were following his story on Gwenn's blog.

When I looked at Josiah with all his wires and tubes and his chest surgery I did not see how horrid that picture was. Now when I see those pictures it about takes my breath away. God put us in His cocoon of grace during those first days. We see His hand of provision in many ways including the extra weeks of Gwenn's pregnancy which allowed Josiah to grow heavier and stronger.

During that time I was very mindful that not all babies are healed. Now when I hear of a baby in trouble I am instantly back in that place. I am able to pray for those families and those babies because I know as least in part how those families are feeling.

"Abba, I thank you for your loving kindness that you have shown to us in sparing Josiah's life. I thank you for the doctor's and nurse's who cared for him and the fact that he was able to be treated in one of the best hospitals in the world.Even now I ask your blessing on his medical staff from duke. I lift up to you every baby in the PICU unit tonight and every family member who waiting in that terribly uncomfortable waitin room.Grow Josiah up to be a God lover and give him the desire and the ability to follow you.Protect him from evil and help Him to be caught early when he does wrong and protect him from the evil one."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Abbie Grace with the pretty, pretty face#5

Abbie with her beautiful golden curls looks much like her mom did at this age. But she is much more of a clown. Sometimes she doesn't even mean to be funny. One day she was playing outside with Katie and Micah. I had the back door open so I could hear them. Katie starts hollering "Nana, Abbie is eating dirt." I came to the door and called her to me. Her mud streaked face revealed the truth of her play time. "Abbie why were you eating dirt?" to which she replied "I was making cakes for my doll and I wanted to see what it would taste like." Her imagination is so rich and free. Every time she comes over she will ask "Nana can I play dress up?" We keep the dress up clothing in the playhouse and one time I looked out to see her not dressed up in a costume but in her underwear with only a small blanket around her. That was her dress up. A few times she has run through the yard in her underwear to ask me a question.She is also as sweet as she is funny and I thank God for her pretty, pretty face.
"Daddy God, thank you for this little one. Use her imagination to teach others of your love and redemption plan. Help her always to have a quick laugh and and ready smile. Teach her your ways and give her a deep understanding of your Word.Grow her up strong and healthy and full of compassion and mercy.Protect her from temptation and from the evil one. Thank you that you love her even more than I do. "

Friday, January 9, 2009

Give it a year.

When Jenny first walked into my life she was a 13 yr. old girl who looked about 10. She she small and thin and shy and sad. Her short life had seen much disappointment and fear. She was a worship dancer at heart but did not have the freedom to express her worship in this art. As our shared time together grew she opened up to me and shared all the things in her troubled heart. I would say "Jenny I don't know why this is happening to you but give it a year and see what God will do." I always wanted her to realize that these hard times were temporary so that she would not loose her courage to go forward.I knew that God wanted to use these things in her life not only to mold her but to use her help someone else like herself. a year's time things would change and always she could look back and say "Look where God has brought me in this time." There were many tears, fears and even times when we would frustrate each other. Jenny knew it was safe to get mad at me and for me to be angry with her. Ours was/is a covenant relationship. Our love for Jesus who placed us together compels us to love each other..always. Jenny has come such a long way in these 11 years. She is now a confident woman and a registered nurse in a children's hospital. She dances before the Lord in grace and beauty. On Saturday Jenny will marry. The season of her childhood riddled with insecurity and doubts is over. She is a woman of God and now she is not just looking back over the last year but she is looking forward to the next one. Looking forward with hope and confidence knowing that she is loved. By Jesus, by Josh and yes, by me.
posted by Gwenn Mangine at 1:46 AM on Jan 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Brown Eye Boy, Grandbaby #4

We have a lot going on this week with Jenny's wedding on Sat. so first thing this morning I am wrtiting my fourth installment of "meet my grandchildren". The others might be delayed for a few days so I can be with my grandchildren. BRING THEM ON!
Nico came to us the hard way. With the other children we only had to wait 9 months. It was far longer than that for this little guy. Gwenn told me it would take months and we had pictures and updates from time to time. I kept thinking surly by the 4th of July, surely by his birthday, surly but Thanksgiving, Christmas...and so it went. He did not arrive until the following July! I was bonded to him before I ever laid eyes on him in person. Far smaller than his cousins in stature he is right up there with them in personality and volume. He has an amazing ability to remember everyone by name. He is social almost to a fault.
Gwenn and Nick made an emergency trip to Haiti in June so I took Nia and Nico to Creation with me. One afternoon we were sitting at lunch and I looked over to see Nico stroking the hand of an elderly man sitting next to him. I said "Nico don't..." the man stopped me and said "He's fine." I looked back the next minute and Nico's arm was under the man's arm and he was holding his hand. I know he blessed this man.
As with each child that enters my family I know my life would not be complete without Nico. God had it in His heart that I should be his grandmother.

"Father thank you for Nico. I ask you to bless his birth mom and give her the provision she needs today. Thank you that you have chosen us to be family to him. Thank you for his tender heart and quick smile. Thank you for his quick affection. I ask that you would grow him up to be teachable and usable in your kingdom. Protect him from the evil one. Lord continue to help him with his speech and development. May he come to you early."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pray it Forward

If you are her to check out how Pray it Forward is going I have to say I don't know. I do know that 2 donations were made to the Haitian Children's home and I am so thankful for that but I am really waiting to hear what God is doing in people's lives. So if you are reading this and you took part in Pray it Forward I would love to hear how God touched you this holiday season. Just because Christmas is over we don't need to to stop praying it forward. If you have a bottle of vanilla from Pray it Forward spend some time with loved ones this weekend make some treats, enjoy the fellowship and then Pray it Forward!

(questions???let me know)

What are we going to do with a boy? Grandchild #3

When Micah was born it was a very new experience for us. Having parented only girls and then having 2 girl grandchildren, well, we just didn't know what to expect. Micah is a boy. He picks up bugs WITH HIS HANDS! He runs around the house at lightening speed and then does it again, and again and again. If he doesn't want to eat something he stores it in his cheek for hours at a time. He loves his grandad.
"Grandad, can I climb the ladder?" "Grandad can we play flashlight?" "Grandad can we play in the ditch?" All of these things are a great amusement to Micah. He loves Lighting McQueen and and his "little buddies" (action figures and little people)
We have gotten pretty used to having a little boy around the house.
"Abba, thank you for Micah. Thank you that at a tender age he asked you into his life. Lord protect him from the evils of this world.Keep him from temptation. Help him to grow to be a man of integrity and valor. Help him to be a protector for his sisters. Give him friends who are Jesus followers and help him to be a leader. Thank you for the time we get to spend with this little man."

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Favorite Grandmother Moment,grandchild#2

Nia (VirgiNIA) is my second born grandchild. She is a funny one. I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like and a lot of the stories I rely on Gwenn to share with me. This is a little story from March 2005. Nia was 20 months old.
Gwenn was taking Nia to McDonald's for lunch. Outside there was a statue of Ronald McDonald sitting on a park bench. This caught Nia's eye and she became very excited and she started shouting and pointing "Mama!-Jesus!, Mama! Jesus!"
I love that even in at such a tender age my granddaughter would get excited about Jesus...even if it was Ronald McDonald.

"Abba, on this the second day of the week I pray for my second grandchild,Nia. Lord you know all the changes she has gone thought in her short life. You know the enormous changes she is about to face when her family moves to Haiti. Father give her an extra measure of attention and affection to help her in this time. I thank you that she has portents who are willing to obey you no matter what the cost. I ask for your protection in all ways. Lord grow her up to have a heart that is always turned toward you. Teach her your ways. Help her to be a source of joy and encouragement to her parents and a helper to her little brothers. Lord help us to stay close even though she will be so far away. It is often with a heavy heart that I think of this move so far away but I thank you for the honor of being the grandmother of this beautiful child."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Favorite Grandmother Moment

Dated October 13, 2003

"Katie that's a nice dress. You look beutiful today." I said to my 22 month old grandaughter. She placed her dimpled fingers on my cheek and replied "Nanny beautiful too."

I felt like a princess.
Katie is still all the sweetness she was on that day more than five years ago.
"Father on this the first day of the week in the first week of the new year I lift up to you my first grandchild Katie. I thank you for this child who first awakened my mind heart and spirit to the world of grand parenting. I ask that as she grows and matures she will continue to grown and mature with the sweet spirit that you placed in her at her birth. I ask that you would give her a close friend who will help her in her walk with you. If it is your desire that one day she would marry I ask that even now you will be growing up a young boy who will love and honor you. Protect him from the evils of the world and grow him in to a man of integrity and strength. Cause Katie to know you beyond her understanding. Give her supernatural vision to see you at work in her life. Thank you Father for allowing me to be her grandmother."