Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Again?

As I am processing this past week in Haiti I will be posting parts of my journey entries.Fragments bits of thoughts and insites mostly from the rooftop of the Haitian Children's Home.

Easter AM April 12th, 2009, Jacmel, Haiti

Up with the roosters. It's not just for farmers anymore.

On that first Eater morning was it the roosters that first awakened Mary? Had she slept at all that night? The sounds of the goats and the chickens and even the sounds of the people who had gathered in Jersualm for the Passover.Had they made impossible to sleep as her mind filled with all she had recently seen, and heard and felt?
When Jesus gathered with His discipiles on the roof top that Maundy Thrusday did He look out on the roof tops of the surrounding homes and into the lives of those who lived there? People who so desperatly needed Him but had rejected Him because they did not understand who He was and why He had come? Did His heart break as He looked upon their poverty?
I imagine that modern Haiti is for more like Bibical Isreal than I could have imagined. Windows without glass. Sitting on the roof to catch a cool breeze. Noises all night long and then a different noise.The rooster hearlding a new day. Skinny dogs scavanger the streets. Piegons roosting. The sound of an early morning hammer. Women carrying heavy burdens on their heads.
This is a proud people who I watch.Sweeping in front of their homes.I can see so much from my perch on this roof top.

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