Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mom, Grandmother, POM

When I first became a mother it was with great joy and confidence that I took on my new title -Mom. I had known sicne I was ten years old that that was the hat I wanted to wear. I had prepared for many years for this role and it was never a burden. From the time my youngest daughter was ten I had another role to look forward to. While I never pushed my daughter's to have children there was never any doubt to them or anyone else that this new stage of my life would be joyful and fulfilling. Being a grandmother is such an incredibly satisfying role that I honestly would be content for this stage to go on and on. And it will. But yesterday I learned of another role that the Lord has called me to play. That is the role of POM.
After I had written yesterday's blog I got a response from a woman who hooked me up to other POMs. A Parent of a Missionary. This is not a role that I have ever dreamed of. When I became a grandmother I felt like I became a member of an elite organization. A group that could relate so well to each other but whom those outside the circle could not relate to. Now..I am in this new group. We can relate to each other in a way that is almost sacred. I read their words and they are mine. I see their hearts and my own heart breaks. And the funny think is...until yesterday I didn't know them and I didn't know I was one of them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "What if's" of the Mom of a missionary.

Lately I've been busy. Really busy. And while some things are getting done I feel like I have not been very productive. I am having a hard time focusing on work, on home, on prayer and bible study. I am pretty consumed with preparations for plans for our team's trip to Haiti. This morning it is starting to hit me what is really going on. My daughter, her husband and three of my very precious grandchildren are moving Haiti in a very short time. The truth is as much as I completely support this move I think I am experiencing grief in a very deep and real way. I am understanding in a new way what the Bible is talking about when it says that there is a cost to follow Christ. I know all of the logical reasons why this is really not so bad.There is Internet and telephones and airplanes. That logic is not working today. I am so proud of Gwenn and Nick and yet... If this is hard for me how much more bitter sweet is must be for them. "What if.." haunts me.What if my grandchildren forget the fun they have with Nanny, Grandad, Grandma and Grandpa?? the cousins the aunts and uncles?? What if..what if...what if??? I know this is a faith building experience. I know it will be a great life for them and they will be home from time to time.But home is not here. Home is Haiti. I know that many grandparents do not see their grandchildren at all. I know all of this. I think there should be classes for the parents of missionaries. But it wouldn't work cause we would all be blubbering too much and what good would that do?? So if you meet me on the steet and I seem distracted. I am. It is part of the blessing of having obedient children.

Friday, February 20, 2009

And a little child shall lead them...

After work today I picked up my three (almost 4) year old grandaughter Abbie. She has been sick so she was coming to stay with me while Gretchen went to churh and the other kids went to visit a friend. We talked about her earache and doctor appointment and then she told me "Katie let me sit in her old desk. She made it a special seat because I am sick. And Micah let me sit next to him because I am sick." I replied "I glad you guys are nice to each other." Abbie continued "Sometimes my brother and sister are mean to me." I said "Sometimes you are not nice to them too." "Yeah" she says, "Sometimes I cause strife."
I had her repeat herself because I wasn't sure that I heard her right. I did. She did use the word strife. She did use it correctly. Pretty cool kid.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bragging on my baby

i just wrote this great blog and then i accidently deleted are you wondering which of my babies i was bragging on?? you may never know

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Come and See!!"

Yesterday after church Steve and I took three of our seven (8) grandchildren to Jockey's Ridge while their parents were at a church meeting. Jockey's Ridge is made up of several of the largest sand dunes on the east coast. The day was beautiful. Coats were optional offering a hint of the season to come. Abbie who is three was the first to reach the summit of the tallest dune. I was last, I figure as Steve would say "had a lot more gravity to deal with". From the top we could look out over the ocean to our east and over the sound to our west. There were many adventures to be had and at one point Katie called out "Three cheers for Nana and Grandad!" to which the three of them joined in with a chorus of six, not three, "Hip,Hip Hooray!!"'s. When I asked Katie she explained "It was three cheers for you and three for grandad."
The kids climbed to the tops of dunes and slid down. They ran and fell and rolled and laughed. Katie and I discussed erosion on the west side by the shore. We came across a very intact bird skeleton that had been picked clean and bleached white in the sun.The children were sure was a dinosaur. They wanted to take it home for science. (It was really an osprey skeleton but dinosaur seemed like a good idea to me.) At one point Micah called out from a distance "Come quick, come and see what I found, follow me!"
At once I was transported in my mind to another time and place. In the book of John, chapter one we learn about the first disciples being called. Philip finds Nathanael and tells him to "Come and see!". He knows he has found something wonderful and wants to share it.
As Micah bid us "Come and see what I found- follow me!" I thought about how much more we who call ourselves by the name Christian or Christ follower should have that kind of excitement. How like Philip we should be seeking out the ones we love and calling them to follow us and see for themselves. It is not enough to just know this wonderful thing. It is so much better to share it with someone you love. Excitement breeds excitement! I can not see for another person but if I am excited about what I have found,my life should be joyful and cause people to want to check out the reason for this joy.
Micah had found what was a treasure to him. A piece of blacktop. Ok...I know not too exciting to you and I. But to him..well he thought it was great. Sometimes people will not understand our relationship with Jesus. But we need to continue our calling while today is called today. "Come follow me-see what I have found!"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Harbour Island+The life in the dessert.

So I saw on the live fed of my blog that someone checked in from Harbour Island. I googled it having no idea where it was, now i think i want to go there! It's got blue water which is a childhood dream for me. Of course I didn't know all these years that that dream would come true in a little place named Jacmel, Haiti. But Harbour Island as pretty as it is is not the topic of my blog..well not really.
I really want to talk about my ungrateful heart. For months now I have been preparing for my first mission trip. As the team leader there is so much to think about. I feel like a mother who has to make sure that the kids are ready for school with their teeth brushed, their hair combed,their breakfast eaten, their homework done and their shoes on the right feet. Now it's not because my team has been lacking in their efforts, it's just my over sensitive sense of responsibility.
So now we are in crunch time trying to raise all our money. So I prayed, come on! I'm a Christian! Of course I prayed. And sometimes I prayed "God I need some encouragement right now." And you know what He does?? He encourages me!Before I could even send out my support letter a big donation was made. But I am such an ungrateful Israelite. God parts the sea and destroys my enemies and I complain! I forget from day to day that my Abba has provided and is providing. The first person to respond to my donation request did not just provide for me but he is also providing for my daughter's Gretchen and Gwenn for all our fees while on our trip to Haiti. We only have to come up with airfare now. I HATED SENDING OUT SUPPORT LETTERS, but God wants me to be humble if I am to be of any use to Him. Each day God shows me how He is providing and tells me not to worry and each day I stess about it anyway.
What I really want to say is God is good. He is my provider. I will trust Him. I do trust Him. Now Lord help me to live that out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nia's blog

Just wanta ask "Is it wrong to be jealous of my five year old grandaughter who has had more hits on her blog in two days than I have had in almost two months??" I always wonder when I look at these cluster map things what is the connection. I guess that's why they call it a web.
Check out Nia's pictures ..she is on the top of my blog list. Which btw is pretty random and scattered on my page indicating how i really don't know what i am doing...