Monday, February 15, 2010

Staking Your claim.

This video was filmed almost a year ago at the house dedication that was suppose to have been The Mangine Home with Haitian Children's Home. We had a team there and worked hard all week to clean and paint and redo the kitchen. The deal fell through. As much as there was much disappointment that followed not moving into this house the Lord was faithful and led down a different path. Rather than become bitter or angry another house was found and the Home was established. This has never been about a house. A home was dedicated and the family is intact. I watch this and weep. God is faithful. Always faithful. The children in this video are the wonderful family of Danny and Leann. I don't talk about them as much only because I don't have as much contact with them but I am so honored to know them. I am inspired by the obediece of all of the staff of Joy in Hope in Haiti.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pa bliye Ayiti.

When I was 15 yrs. old I had a friend who was in a serious motor cycle accident. His back was broken with 3 crushed vertebrae and he was paralyzed from the chest down. The news of the accident spread through the high school like a wild fire. Suddenly everyone was his friend and were horrified at what had happened to him. I also was very moved by his plight. That January afternoon I walked from school to the local hospital to find out how he was. So many teens had gathered there. I sat with two of his brothers for a time and left not being able to see him that day. For days the buzz continued and each day I walked to the hospital.Things soon changed. In that first week and maybe into the second week there were so many visitors that sometimes I could not get in to see him. The days past and the visitors dwindled. Each school day for the next five months I went to visit my friend. I wanted to see him because he was my friend and I wanted to go see him because it seemed that so many had forgotten him. I got to be there the day that he first moved his big toe.Then he moved his foot.I got to be there the day he sat up.When he stood up. I got to share in the hope of his recovery. I got to see some of his first steps.It was a long road from that tragic day in Jan. until the day of victory when he walked out of the hospital in June. Even then he walked with a walker and there was another year until he was truly recovered. I got to share so much with my friend. He invited me to go on a motorcycle ride with him. That was Sept of 1972. We married in Jan. of 74.
We have been married for 36 years.
Haiti had a tragic day in Jan. So many rushed around her filled with shock, compassion, support. They were suddenly her friend. But as the days and now weeks have past people have returned to their own lives for the most part. Headlines have faded and many have lost the passion that they first felt in the days following the earth quake. Haiti needs friends who will be committed for the long haul. Friends who will realize that she is going to be suffering for a long time and she needs their love, support and encouragement for a long time. She needs people who will enter into a relationship with her and be there to see the progress she makes and rejoice with her. She needs people to see her wiggle her toe, move her foot, sit up, stand up, walk and finally run. She needs commitment. She needs to be remembered. pa bliye Ayiti. (Don't forget Haiti.) coverage

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unsung Hero

No doubt my daughter Gwenn has been in the family limelight lately. What she is doing in Haiti has been truly remarkable. To say that we are all proud of what God is doing through her would be an understatement. But tonight I am thinking of my oldest daughter Gretchen.
Gretchen was 20 months old when Gwenn erupted into her perfect world. No longer was she the center of out family universe. Now she had to share the glory with a baby who had "tiny little fingers" as Gretchen said. And she did it graciously. Gretchen welcomed her baby sister and they became friends. Gretchen was Mary and Gwenn was Laura of the Little House on the Prairie books. Over the years they have done various noteworthy things and have supported each other in everything.
So now when Gwenn is in the midst of the hardest thing any of us has ever encountered Gretchen is here in the US supporting her little sister. When Gwenn's children were evacuated from Haiti I don't even remember asking Gretchen if she would help with the kids. I knew she would. So each day as I go to work Gretchen has her three children and Gwenn's three children. And Gretchen is nearly 8 months pregnant. And she is homeschooling the children. She is a super mom/aunt/daughter/sister to be sure.I have not heard her complain or whine.
What Gretchen is doing is allowing Gwenn to do what she is doing.
Another day I will talk about my other daughter Merry Melody cause she is pretty cool too...but that is another story.
Today I say thank you Gretchen your love and support for your little sister have not gone unnoticed.

there are no words to describe how I feel when i watch this.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From Manteo with love. Haiti relief.

The first time I ever visited Manteo I loved it. It was unlike so many 'beach' towns that sometimes seem to just be a mile of strip malls and miniature golf courses. It had character and a very homey feeling to it even then. Since then even with all the new growth it has maintained charm and character and really it is even more beautiful than before.The greatest charm of this sweet little town and this sweet little island is her people. Truly island people who come together in community on all occasions. Good times and hard times the community responds.
When the earthquake struck Haiti three weeks ago tonight the phone calls started. Friends and family from all over calling me to see how my daughter and her family were, wondering if I heard from them and asking how they could help. My Manteo friends and neighbors were right there with prayers and encouragements and checks. I was sharing with a man who is a friend that I met at the Post Office that I wanted to make up canisters to take to the local businesses to raise funds for relief in Haiti. He said "You have enough on your plate, let me do that." So Dennis designed these great canisters and this Sunday Nia (my granddaughter who is visiting from Haiti) went to a few places to drop off canisters. We prayed over them first and I prayed for favor and that God would open people's hearts to give. Nia prayed that she would not be shy and that she could ask the business people to help her family and her town. She was so sweet. "Hello, my name is Nia Mangine. I live in Haiti. I was there for the earthquake. I want to help my family and my town. Could we leave a canister in your store to collect money?" I gave her an idea what to say but she put it together flawlessly. So, before we bought lunch at the local Subway Nia spoke to the woman behind the counter. The canister was accepted gladly and the clerk dropped in money from her own pocket right away. Not 48 hrs. later I got a message on my phone "Can you please bring down another canister?? This was is full!" The money has not been counted yet (thank you Jesus for coin counting machines in banks!) but the can was so full the coins were sticking out the top! When I poured it out on the table I could not believe that so much had fit in the canister.I thought that maybe someone had emptied their coin jar from home but the manager said it was all from customers. God is already answering the prayers that Nia and I prayed. What joy it was to let her hold the can and see how heavy it was.
It is such a blessing to live in a little coastal village who cares about another little coastal village and steps up to offer help.
I love Manteo, NC. I love Jacmel, Haiti.