Thursday, October 24, 2019

Do Not Fret

October 10, 2019

Do Not Fret

As I sit on my front porch and write this, I am reminded of the Bible verse that says that the birds of the field do not worry because God has supplied all they need.
They do not worry. But they do work. They cannot sit on a branch and expect food to come to them. They have times of plenty when the feeder is full or the summer seeds abound but also times of scarcity. When the snow falls. When ice forms on the surface of the water. Much more work and energy are required to sustain them during these times.
Birds can be fearful of something new. When I hold out my hand offering the choice seeds it will take time for them to know that I will not harm them. After just one bird learns to trust my hand others will follow knowing that this choice seed is so easily available.
At the same time, I am so encouraged and even joyful when these tender creatures approach me. I want so much for them to come near to me and finally to be comfortable in my presence. I know I can not nor would I want to force this.
So it is with our Father. He holds out His hand with the choicest of blessings. He will not force us to come and eat from His hand. He will delight in us coming near. He will be joyful in sitting with us and feeding us the very thing we desire and need.
He will continue to extend His hand to us patiently waiting for us to abandon fear and embrace trust.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to my hometown of Southampton, NY. While   there I walked in a wild life park with my niece Trina. She brought with her the ‘choice’ bird seed and as we walked the birds came and ate from our upturned palms. Since coming home, I have spent a good deal of time on my front porch with the choice seed in my hand reached out softly beckoning the chickadees to come. They chirp to me and hop on near by branches but they are not yet ready to fully trust me. But I will continue to offer.
While I sit, I also recognize that at the same time I am desiring these birds to come that in that time I am also coming closer to my Father. I am coming to eat from His hand. I am delighting in the choicest of blessings and He is delighting in me coming to Him.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Nearly a decade ago I began writing this blog. As with many things in my life I was strong for a while but then slowly, carelessly I gave in to my undisciplined life and rarely thought about the writings I penned over the years.
The other day one of blog posts showed up in my Face Book time line. I went back to the post and realized that the words I had written where strangely familiar and at the same time as if I were reading them for the first time. I also realized that when I write I am writing to find some truths or answers or insights for my own understanding. I write to sort out out my thoughts, my fears, my doubts and to give voice to my gratitude. My blogs stand as a memorial to things that God has brought me through. I write so I don't forget.
So tonight I set forth my plan. I will take the time to be quite enough to write. I will write for me. I will also write for my grandchildren. I'm excited to be approaching another birthday...this will give me more purpose.
Grandmother's Heartbeat I look forward to spending time with you.