Sunday, March 20, 2011


A day to remember. And never forget.

Today is a very somber anniversary. It is a also a day of amazing thanksgiving. This past week when my grandbaby Johanna ate her first piece of birthday cake it kind of smacked me. This year could have been very different. Johanna could have had this special day without her mama there to sing her birthday song and make her birthday cake..and hold her and nurse her. I wrote about this shorty after Gretchen came home. (here) As I reread my words I remembered...and now I remember and give thanks. God choose not to leave Katie, Micah, Abbie and Johanna without a mom. I love God. I just do. I would love him if the story ended differently but I am thankful that it didn't.

Tonight I sit in a hotel room across from the main entrance to Duke Medical Center. Four years ago..a lifetime ago.. Remembering... It washed over me as I drove down the street..entered the front door..looked at the fountain and stood there with tears remembering the sweet voice of 4 yr. old Nia as she threw her coins in the fountain "Jesus, I wish that my little brother Josiah would get all better." In her tender faith she seemed to know that "wishes" only come true when they are prayers.

Open heart surgery for Josiah. Evie with a mass behind her heart. My mom closing her eyes and waking up in heaven. Lisa loosing her battle but winning the prize. An earthquake that rocked my world. Gretchen's coming back home..alive...

Life is made up of these things..hard things....but I can't/won't forget. In the dark days we come to understand..everything that we need to understand. God is able. God is faithful. Even when we are unable and unfaithful. Even when we think the story does not have a happy ending.

Remembering and thanking you Jesus.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A new page

I have added a new blog page which will be linked to my new (not yet published) website. :)
Visit me there :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Second Chance

Lettie does not know that she has big shoes to fill. She doesn't not know that she will forever be compared to the one who lived before her. She will not even know that she was a second chance.
When we adopted our first Lab mix from the SPCA is was my daughter Melody who 'found' her. About two years old she grew to become everything a dog owner would want. Her name was "Fancy" but we were just not the kind of people that could call a dog by that name. We changed her name to Chancey because she was given a second chance and it sounded kinda like fancy so we fighured it woul not confuse her.
When Chancey died last spring Steve and I had a hard time with it. ( I wrote about Chancey here: )
Up until today I would still miss her when I pulled up to the house and found it empty.
About two weeks ago I took my grandson Josiah to see the dogs at the SPCA. All the noise freaked him out so we left without seeing 'her'.
The next day I saw a picture of the "Pet of the Week" in the local newspaper. The face of a young Chancey stared back from the page at me. My heart melted. "Good with children, house broken...." Steve and I knew that one day we would want another dog. We also knew we would know her when we saw her. And there she was. I handed the paper to Steve and he read the caption. What I had missed I heard now and it stuck in my throat. Something about Lettie needing a "second chance". We knew it. She was out dog. Steve called first thing in the morning. We were too late..she was taken. Our hearts sank...
On a way outside chance I called back. "I know Lettie is gone but if she gets returned will you please let me know." Less than two weeks later she is asleep on her little dog bed behind my chair. Already she is working her way into our hearts. Watching her play fetch with the grandchildren I realize that while she will never replace Chancey she will be very much a part of out life.
I am thankful that God cared enough to not only give Lettie a second chance but that He gave us a second chance as well.
Welcome home Lettie.