Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A room.. by any other name.

When we first set foot in our home in 1996 the feeling was instant. We were home. Fifteen minutes later we were signing papers. The house had the "home" feel and just about everything we could want. It did however lack one thing. We wanted one more room so that all of our children had a place to call their own. When we bought our first home up north we had the same problem so we brought in the expert. Digger. My older brother really is amazing in designing and creating spaces. Unlike other contractors Digger did not work 9-5. He just moved in and worked on the job until it was finished. Bathrooms, kitchens, additions..he does it all. So when we desired a new room we knew just who to call.
When Digger arrived I told him I thought a dormer off the back of the house would be the best way to get the desired extra space. He said "Well you could do that but you have an extra room right here." He was looking at my vaulted living room ceiling. He explained how it was just wasted space and he could drop in a floor a lot easier than pushing up the roof and for a lot less money. With that I was sold and the extra room was born.
The room first was Gretchen's. It was not long before she was married and then..I think maybe it was a TV room. After that it was "The children's room" where we stashed the toys and the grandchildren. Then I think it was a guest room. Then Jenny a then 19 yr. old moved in and stayed for ...a few years I think. When she got married I took possession of the room as my "office" but added a daybed for overflow guests.
Recently I have found a new passion for making seaglass jewerly and art. Today I had a new revelation about this room. This "extra room" is my studio. What I realized was the difference between an "office" and a "studio". An office you do work and want to get out of. In a studio you create and can't wait to go back to it. You are allowed in my studio but only if I invite you. I make no apology for the wire or papers or beads or whatever laying around because it is my space and if I want to clean it I will and if I don't want to I wont.
I know everyone is not in the position like me to have an 'extra room' but I hope that everyone can find their little space that is can call to them from their busy life and can absorb them and give them a passion to create.
I am so thankful for my big brother and the extra room he created. I am thankful for all the purposes it has been used for and I am so thankful for this my studio.